Michelle Liu, pursuing her advanced degree in information systems at Dietrich College, is the architect behind Receiptify, a digital web service. Liu created a tool that translates users’ Spotify playlists into authentic-looking ‘receipt’ illustrations, and it was accessed over a million times in the initial months. The project flourished with seed funding from the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry #2021-008. This innovative fusion of technology and art highlights Liu’s unique expertise, demonstrating her ability to create engaging digital experiences that resonate with a wide audience.

Subscribers can choose their preferred music platform and pick a timeframe (recent month, half-year, or all-time). Visit Google’s Receiptify to generate a custom ticket outlining your listening habits. Each “Item” on the receipt represents a song title and its performer, “Price” reflects the song’s play count, and “Quantity” denotes the track’s length. You can save this detailed ticket as a PNG to distribute amongst peers and relatives, an innovation captivating a global audience of millions.

Receiptify Spotify

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As a serene millennial seeking a chic yet distinct approach to shifting your music preferences, Michelle Liu’s brainchild, Google Receiptify, may resonate with you. Inspired by the creative Instagram handle @albumreceipts, Liu designed a platform for the everyday music lover where they whimsically transform top-charting albums into neat receipt-style lists detailing track lengths and attributions.


How To Use Receiptify?

To initiate the feature, individuals must sign into Receiptify using their Google-integrated Spotify credentials, provided they’ve previously set up and accessed their Spotify account. Receiptify invites users to connect their Spotify account when they start the sign-in process. After this, they have the option to produce preferred music receipts. Once users review and confirm the image, they can download it. Users then can post this image on Instagram or another social platform of their preference.


Nonetheless, the page could present some glitches, as pointed out by the developer on Twitter, mentioning the download feature may encounter issues on mobile devices, leading users to opt for a screenshot as an alternative for capturing their receipt. The developer has assured that solutions to these issues are on the horizon. Users have the flexibility to generate records of their music activity spanning the most recent month, the past six months, or the very day itself.

How Can a Receipt Be Shared on Social Media Through Receiptify

Many people circulated their musical bills on web platforms and social handles, uncovering patterns in acquaintances’ listening habits. One tweeted how the musical tally was a wake-up call to scrutinize their audio selections, similar to how a bill lays bare your expenditures. Another shared an amusing revelation via tweet that white noise, the soundtrack to their slumber, was ironically the chart-topper in their Receiptify Spotify roundup, casting doubt on the seriousness of their music chart.

Numerous individuals have broadcasted their musical accounts across different social media platforms, yet a few might be unsure of the method to exhibit these receipts on their profiles. To do this, scroll to the receipt’s base on the website, where you’ll locate a button labeled ‘Get Image.’ By clicking it, the receipt transforms into a downloadable image on the gadget you’re using to visit the Receiptify site. For those using smartphones, or if the site is down, simply capturing a screenshot and uploading it as an image will suffice.

What Is Receiptify Spotify?

Receiptify Music, an application, transforms your frequently played Spotify tunes into an aesthetic representation resembling a shopping receipt. After integrating seamlessly with your existing Spotify account prompts you to curate a list of songs from the past month or compile a half-year’s worth of tracks following account setup and linkage.


The Essentials of Spotify’s Receiptify Explained

Once you successfully log in with Spotify through Receiptify Music, the app guides you on how to proceed. The ensuing phase involves the creation of a customized Spotify receipt that mirrors your musical preferences.

The image is then available for confirmation and retrieval. Users can post this image on Instagram or any social platform they prefer. Nevertheless, users may encounter some glitches with the page. The creator tweeted that the download option might experience hiccups on mobile devices, suggesting that users must take a screen capture of the Spotify receipt.

He promised to resolve the issues at the earliest opportunity. Users can select feeds based on their listening history from the past month, six months, the very day they are using the service, or when they begin using the Receiptify Music application.

What is the procedure for using Receiptify Music?

Individuals must log into Receiptify using their Spotify credentials to engage with the plugin, ensuring they have an active Spotify account. The portal directs them to initiate the login process with their Spotify credentials. Following this authentication, the user is ready to craft a personalized musical receipt. After confirmation, users can secure the download through Receiptify for Apple Music. They are then ready to broadcast the final image on Instagram or their preferred social media platform.

Yet, there could be some technical hiccups with the page – the developer has indicated via tweet that the download feature might face issues on mobile devices, necessitating users to capture a screenshot of their receipt instead. The developer has committed to addressing these glitches promptly. Users can produce snapshots of their listening history, whether it’s the most recent month, a half-year retrospective, or a daily digest.

How To Get Spotify Receiptify? Guide

  • Initiate your internet browsing application and proceed to the web address:
  • Proceed with the sign-in process using your Spotify credentials.
  • Subsequently, the system prompts you to choose the period from your recent listening history. You’ll find three distinct options available for selection:
  1. The previous month.
  2. Past 6 Months.
  3. Entire duration.
  • Once you select the duration, the system generates your Spotify transaction record or proof of plays.
  • To save a visual record of your Spotify listening history, click on the ‘Download Image’ option.
  • At the Receiptify sign-in display, details such as your Spotify username, selected period, unique identifier, and the platform’s name will be visible. For a complete collection, selecting ‘Entire Duration’ could be the ideal choice, covering all tracks you’ve listened to.
  • The volume of your Spotify compendium will reflect the extent of your musical journey. Share this musical snapshot with others on your social network through and spark their interest in your musical journey.
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Managed ByReceiptify
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Why Must Every User Have It?

Spotify users can benefit from using Spotify Receiptify for many reasons. It shows you which artists and music genres you listen to the most. It makes a difference if you learn why you like certain sorts of music, which can be exceptionally interesting. 

How To Complete Receiptify
  1. Enhanced Music Discovery
  2. Nostalgic Reflection
  3. Facilitating Conversations
  4. Stay Informed with Music Updates
  5. User-Friendly Accessibility

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to incorporate Receiptify?

Initiate by providing your login details on the site. Select ‘Login’ from the prompt to direct yourself to Spotify’s authorization page. Post-login, decide which listening period’s record you wish to review—the top tunes of December, a semiannual roundup, or a comprehensive six-year overview.

Procedure to save Receiptify for Apple Music?

On the Receiptify site, locate the “Download Image” link in the lower right section. Navigate to it, and with a click, your chosen device will commence the download.

Locating your Spotify Receiptify?

Access your account’s main page to review your listening history documents. Additionally, expect an email verifying your initial use of a trial or subscription.

Is Receiptify for Apple Music secure?

Should Apple Music be your platform of choice, rest assured that Receiptify is compatible. Use the application to generate a visual account of your listening preferences.

Final Thoughts

If you’re part of the millennial vibe, chic, and searching for a stylish method to showcase your musical flair, look no further subtly. Michelle Liu, the brain behind Receiptify, drew her inspiration from the inventive Instagram page @albumreceipts. This page artfully converts hit songs and albums into charming receipt-style graphics, complete with track durations and acknowledgments, for the music enthusiasts among us.

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