Using Receiptify Guide

Music enthusiasts often revel in sharing their cherished tunes with peers. “Wrapped Up” stands as a pivotal gathering for Spotify’s community of creators, attracting a vibrant audience of dedicated melody fans who engage with it consistently over the months.


Annually, the excitement builds for Spotify’s feature that showcases your year-long music trends. It’s intriguing why we eagerly anticipate this annual roundup to see the buzz around hits like “WAP.” Now, Receiptify offers a novel twist by transforming your top-played songs into a chic, shareable shopping receipt format perfect for social media.

Spotify Receipt

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Guide on How to Use Receiptify

To get started with Receiptify, head to their official site. You’ll need to connect your Spotify profile by signing in. Hit the prompt to initiate the sign-in sequence.

Once you’re in, you can select the duration for your music summary: the past month, half a year, or your historical best. The service will then compile a list of your most frequently played tracks for the chosen timeframe.

  • Visit Receiptify’s homepage and sign in using your Spotify details. A prompt will appear for you to review and agree to the necessary conditions.
  • Afterward, you’re presented with options to generate a stylized receipt reflecting your top 10 tracks over various durations: one month, six months, or the cumulative best.
  • Select “Get Image” to download your custom receipt, which you can share with your social circle. Please note that if there’s a particular track you’re fond of, our service is not responsible for any potential monetary impacts that may result.

Sharing Your Musical Love on Social Media:

Many listeners have taken to displaying their Receiptify tallies across various social networks. To join them, glide to the receipt’s end on the Receiptify page, where a “Get Image” call-to-action awaits. Clicking this will save the receipt to your device. You can post it on any social platform, just as you would with a regular picture.